About Us

BuyAboriginal.com is an online B2B platform that facilitates the wholesale exchange of services and products between Aboriginal businesses and purchasers. It is an easy to use directory that allows government, private sector and Aboriginal buyers to search and identify successful Aboriginal businesses by industry, product, service, region, tribal affiliation or land claim settlement area.

All Aboriginal product and service providers (sellers) must register with BuyAboriginal and have a minimum 51% Aboriginal ownership. All sellers receive customer satisfaction ratings which are posted online. All transaction funds are held in trust until satisfactory receipt of goods by purchaser. Sellers are required to ship goods within a specified time frame or forfeit sale.

Registered Aboriginal sellers market wares or services in one of two ways: either as a premium member or standard member. Premium members list an unlimited number of products or services and receive a tailored landing page, discounts on transaction fees and top-of-mind search retrievals. Standard members may list a fixed number of products free of charge.

BuyAboriginal.com is a marketplace from Buy Aboriginal Inc. offering Aboriginal goods and services on even the smallest orders. With minimum orders as low as 1 item, secure escrow payment, and express delivery with full tracking, BuyAboriginal.com really is your one-stop-shop for your Aboriginal purchasing!


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Toll free number is 1-8555-ShopNT