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Benefits to Becoming A Gold Supplier

Maximum Exposure

Display unlimited products with top-tier priority listing to make sure buyers see and choose you first.

Greater Product Visibility

Showcase key products on your online storefront to make a powerful, visual impact and get more exposure in buyer search results. They're easy to change at any time, giving you the flexibility to adapt your promotions to seasonal demands and stand out even more to potential buyers.

Link For Your Online Store

Gold members have links to their online stores in a premium position so buyers can easily navigate there.


Gold members will receive additional advertising with banners on our site showcasing their hottest items.

Gain Buyers' Trust Fast

Increase buyer confidence with a verified company profile, as over 85% of buyers prefer to do business with verified suppliers only. All Gold Suppliers on must complete an authentication and verification process by a third-party credit-reporting agency before qualifying as a Premium Member, so this additional security measure helps you gain immediate trust as a legitimate company and serious supplier.


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