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Reasons to Buy Indigenous

1. Buying Native creates employment opportunities for Aboriginal people.

2. Buying Native inspires Aboriginal emerging role models and greater hope for our youth.

3. Buying Native supports small business, the lifeblood of the national economy.

4. Buying Native creates self determination and opportunity for new Aboriginal entrepreneurs.

5. Buying Native builds leadership in business and within our communities.

6. Buying Native allows Aboriginal businesses to support other Aboriginal businesses.

7. Buying Native attracts sustainable investment in existing and new Aboriginal companies.

8. Buying Native creates economic self reliance.

9. Buying Native allows all Aboriginal businesses to grow through greater cost efficiencies.

10. Buying Native shows your support for thousands of hardworking Aboriginal families.


Benefits to Buying from Gold Members


Gold Members

What is Gold Member?

Gold Member is a premium type of membership for suppliers on To qualify for a Gold Membership, a supplier must undergo and pass authentication and verification procedures conducted by a reputable third-party security service provider appointed by Once approved, Gold Members are authorized to display the icon to demonstrate their authenticity, which means they are a legitimate entity in existence whose identity has been verified.

If you're looking for suppliers whose identities are verified, choose Gold Members.

Benefits of doing business with a Gold Member

Authentication & Verification

Trade with ease and peace of mind knowing that all Gold Members have had their identities authenticated and verified by a reputable third-party security service provider. This means that the Gold Member's company registration details have undergone a thorough check to make sure that the entity is real and legitimate. It is of course still important for you to conduct your own due diligence before entering into any transactions with a supplier, because the authentication and verification only confirms the identity of a supplier and not the supplier's trading practices, reputation or credit worthiness.

Unlimited Product Listings

Unlike free members, Gold Members can post an unlimited number of products online, giving you more products and variety to choose from. Consolidate your orders and save time when sourcing by ordering all your products from one place.

Experience in Global Trade

Gold Member profiles show how many years the supplier has been a Gold Member, so you can gauge how much experience they have in interacting with buyers around the world through

Detailed Company Information Gold Member websites contain detailed information such as Management, Certificates and Quality Control so you can know more about a potential supplier before contacting them. Gold Members are also reminded to keep their company profiles update with accurate contact details and the latest product information.

Serious Interest in Doing Business

Gold Members pay annual fees for their memberships which demonstrates that they have a serious interest in receiving inquiries and conducting business on


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